Sibbald Point Provincial Park
26465 York Road 18, R.R.#2
Sutton West Ontario
Canada L0E 1R0

Campground Descripton:  For 130 years before this area became a park, it was home of the Sibbald family. Tour Eildon Hall, the 19th-century family manor, and visit St. George's Church, the family church, near the shore. This park also has sandy beaches, shady picnic areas, forested hiking trails and activities for children.

Campsite Reviews
Campsite 709  - Terrible

Camp Date: 8/22/2014

Don't bother with this campsite unless you are a partier or don't mind loud highway traffic, as it's adjacent to the highway. The description of the site is deceiving and needless to say, wasn't good for me or my small child.
Reviewed by Buggus on 8/27/2014
Campsite 320/318  - Ok campground

Camp Date: 2/8/2014

This is a pretty nice and clean campground. As we booked last minute we did not have a choice of campsites. We got 318 and 320. 318 is a nice spacious site but next to the outhouse so it stunk to high heaven. 320 is an ok site not as big tho. These are quite a walk to the actual toilets/showers. We were in a radio free area but heard many people partying and kids going nuts until well after midnight. Overall not that peaceful of an experience. Tonnes of foreign people. The beach was packed and just not sensible at all to try and go to it. I don't think I would return to this park.
Reviewed by spinker45 on 8/4/2014
Campsite 129  - Great time!

Camp Date: 12/7/2013

We have been to several provincial parks. In our 20s we went backcountry camping, in our 30's we did tents in walk in sites, now we have a kid and a dog and decided we need a pull up site. I was very eerie about this as you want private, you don't want too small, you want to feel like you are camping in the woods, not someone's back yard but we took the leap and LOVED sibbald point. We are use to creating our own spots to swim, or find our own fun, so for a camping place this was awesome and every night they had something on for the kids. and the dog beach! what a great idea, we were worried one of us would always have to be at the site with our dog while the other one went to beach with the child - but we were all able to enjoy the day. It's large, its clean, the people were great, i highly recommend it - we are also going back in September.
Reviewed by Hutchden on 8/6/2013
Campsite 105  - Good Family Spot

Camp Date: 9/8/2013

Site 105 had room for three 6 man tents and a dining tent. Situated right beside an open grassy field and small playground it was great for those who have kids that still enjoy using playgrounds as you could keep an eye from them while sitting at the campsite. The only problem we had was a few groups of people set up volley ball and cricket games close to our site in the field and we had to ask them to keep it down. Overall a good spot, would not recommend the beach at Sibbald Point....murky water and very busy.
Reviewed by Varc on 8/12/2013
Campsite all of them  - Awesome

Camp Date: 8/19/2011

I have read other reviews on here and I just want to say I have camped all my life at Sibbald Point and I love it. ok I don't use the outhouses they are very old... but the washrooms are clean the showers are hot. and you make your own fun I swim in the water it's a lake its not like they can purify it. they do have activities for ppl / kids movies,hikes,nature days. I would reccamend this campground to anyone
Reviewed by Gaff goes Camping on 3/20/2012
Campsite 305  - An okay camping experience

Camp Date: 8/19/2011

WE heard about Sibbald point from many people but kind of disappointed after the fact. The campsite was good in terms of privacy. The service stations and water points are good. However there is nothing else to do in the park. The beach is a joke. Hundreds of people were crammed on the beach and the structure of the beach is strange. It seems the whole beach is for kids. The water was full of some green stuff and the sand was more like mud. So we did not go into the water. The boating area is private so we couldn't do anything there. There is only one trail ( I think). The trail was good. There is one small museum, which is also good. Overall nothing to write home about.
Reviewed by musicgold on 8/24/2011
Campsite 840  - Not a family campground

Camp Date: 8/20/2010

We stayed here this weekend and were surrounded by domestic disputes and till 3am. There was no one patrolling for excessive noise except at 3pm, and I think on the Friday night at 8pm was the last we saw of them. The campsite was small and super open to all the neighbours. There is radio free camping which I would highly recommend as we did not have one ounce of peace. Camping is supposed to be restful but we did not find it to be this way here. The bathrooms are fairly clean the outhouses were smelly with huge spiders in them. As my daughter put it they are called outhouses because you don't want to go in them. I would not recommend this campground for families.
Reviewed by famof5 on 8/23/2010
Campsite 814  - Party at Sibbald

Camp Date: 6/25/2010

This campsite has decent privacy from other sites, but is wide open to the road. It's also at the edge of the park, so you can hear cars and people walking right behind the site outside the park. We also had very brazen skunks and raccoons trying to steal our food while we were sitting by the fire. The bathrooms were pretty clean, however the showers were scalding hot. This park has a pretty sweet beach and boat launch, however much of it was covered in goose poop. Definitely more of a party campground than a family campground -- lots of police presence.
Reviewed by kimberly.hopkins on 6/27/2010